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Breast fillets
L & H Poultry provide both Chicken Breast Fillets Skin On and Skin Off. The Breast Fillets are in a lean, flavoursome portion. Chicken breast fillets are very versatile, and can be seasoned and fried or grilled, diced for casseroles, ...
Fresh Chicken Maryland is a moist, tender clean chicken cut. The Maryland is the Chicken leg, including the drumstick. It can be enjoyed in casseroles and stews or seasoned and grilled or fried. ...
Chicken Wings
Chicken Wings
Fresh Chicken Wings are a real favourite for BBQs or Grilled. They are appreciated as an easy to cook, easy to easy addition. ...
Felicity's perfect chicken kiev
Chicken Kiev
This is a Fresh Chicken Breast Kiev Cut. Great on the BBQ, Grill or salad. ...
Chicken Schnitzel
Freshly cut and prepared for an easy to cook healthy meal. ...
Maryland Fillet
Maryland Fillet
Chicken Maryland is the thigh with the drumstick attached. Maryland is great for roasting and baking and can also be used on the barbeque or char-grill. ...
Whole Birds
Premium, whole chickens suitable for a Sunday Roast and your family meal that are available in all weights, fresh or frozen. ...
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